About Us

Hey, Girl, Hey! My name is JulieAnna, and I'm the crazy girl in the middle. I am a full time boutique owner, wife, mom of 2, and recently my husband and I became youth pastors at our church. We stay VERY busy! On my left is Marie, our online and administrative assistant, and to my right is Carmen, our store manager. We are a tight knit bunch at Pink Post Office Boutique aka PPOB! Our biggest goal is to make sure that the women that shop in store (and their kids) or online feel beautiful and loved by our team! I don't say that lightly! You are our focus and the reason we do what we do! 

My husband, Jared, and I started the boutique in our home in 2016 while I was still full time teaching. One thing led to another, and we hired some friends to help run a store in our home....you read that right! Random strangers rolling up in our house to shop for clothes. People didn't know if they should ring the doorbell or knock, but we created a store that literally felt like home. Our little hobby started to grow much larger than we ever imagined and in 2018, we opened two stores...one in Mobile, AL and one in Daphne, AL. We have since then closed our Daphne location to focus our efforts into a more powerful online presence. Our website was our next big step into the boutique world which we had tried a few times before, but because I was still teaching, we could never devote the time to it like we needed to. We successfully relaunched our website in August 2018 after I quit my full time teaching profession of 10 years. It was definitely a leap of faith for our family, and it has drastically paid off. When we started PPOB, it was a joke, but little did we realize the relationships we built in our home based business would be what supported us through our entire journey. Our customers have become family and have stayed loyal to us through our growth! It is our top priority to keep that same family feel and killer customer service even as we continue to grow! 

Our foundation is faith, family, and friendship. I remember when we first started praying about this joke of a dream. The Lord whispered to me even then, "It is not about clothes, it is about people." Girl, that's been the truth all along! This is our livelihood for our family and a few others, but it's about so much more than that to us! It's about YOU...our amazing PPOB family! 




PS Make sure to catch our crazy live videos and fun in our Pink Post Office Boutique VIP FB group! See you there!