We are super excited to offer a one day a week waitlist option! This is definitely time consuming on our part, but we are doing this in an attempt to help get more items that you want into your hands and closets. PLEASE read so you have the best chance to snag some preorder and waitlist goodies. 

Let me be clear.....THIS IS NOT COMMENTSOLD!!! LOL This is a manual invoice that will be sent from us based on the time stamp of our PPOB Preorder/Waitlist Survey posted at NOON every Monday. Just because you fill out the survey DOES NOT mean you will receive an invoice on all items you requested.

There are two types of preorders that we offer:

Preorder means we guarantee that you will receive an invoice and that item. These are typically going to be graphic tees, mystery bags, and gift items. You WILL receive an invoice THAT DAY. Turnaround time for preorders are about 7-10 business days. 

Waitlist means you are on the list to receive an invoice once an item restocks at PPOB. If you have selected a waitlist item from the survey, that is your commitment to us that you will pay once the item comes in. This could be up to two weeks as well. 

This is a lengthy process so please be patient. So here's how to place a preorder or to get on a waitlist for a particular item...

1. Post will be made at NOON each Monday with the PPOB PREORDER/WAITLIST SURVEY in the VIP Facebook group.

2. Make sure to click on the sizes of the items you want and intend to pay for whether it is a preorder OR a waitlist item. 

3. Fill out all info including name on FB, email address, and ship or pick up.

4. Comment DONE on the survey post so we have somewhere to notify you if we send an invoice.

It is also possible that you may get an invoice for one item and not all items you selected in the survey due to preorder vs waitlist. 

SUPER IMPORTANT: If you request an invoice through the survey whether preorder or waitlist, that is your promise to us that you will pay and pay on time. Because this is so time consuming and had such a large response so far, we need our customers to be diligent in this matter. Preorder/waitlist survey will start at NOON on Monday, invoices will be sent by that evening on preorder items ONLY, and must be paid by 8am on Tuesday morning. Invoices will be canceled promptly at 8am.

Sezzle is available on purchases of $35 or more and gift cards may be used under order summary at checkout. Our system, however, does not give a way to use rewards on the invoices.

We hope this is a great way to help you ladies out, and we are excited to offer preorders and waitlist items on Mondays!