Reney's Honey Butter-It's NOT just butter

Reney's Honey Butter-It's NOT just butter

Well, friends, I am on a blogging roll these days so I thought what better way to support our local businesses in Mobile than to spotlight some of our faves. With each blog post, we will have a giveaway with the local business we are featuring, AND we will try to give you our top 3 reasons to visit. We figured what better way to kick things off than with one our fave small business buddies...Reney's Honey Butter! Carmen and I decided to take a "field trip" to do some "research."

Local Friends, if you have not been to Reney's, what are you even doing with your life? Before we really get rocking and rolling, let me help you with pronunciation. It is Ree-Nee's Honey Butter. I honestly messed that up so many times until the last 6 months. This local business is owned by the fabulous Meredith Simmerman. If you have ever met Meredith, you already know she is as good as gold. She radiates joy and Jesus, and when you talk to her, you feel like you have known her for years which leads us to our reason number one.

1. The people. Meredith, Lisa, and Tiffany. 

We already know what makes a business GREAT is the customer service. Customer service can make or break a business. You can sell the best product or the best food, but if the service is terrible, people will NOT return. Reney's has the A-team staff. They always go above and beyond when serving their customers, but also, the relationship factor is top notch. You know, even from your first visit, that they care. They care about your needs, your family, your hardship, and everything in between. Some people call it small talk, but they consider it to be building relationships with those in their community. This small business is most definitely community minded with their service and how they serve and bless those around them.


2. The food. We did some "research". 

Full disclaimer: Before our field trip day to do our "research", I had only tried the butters (duh), the Lonestar Loaded Potato, and the Lonestar Panini. The brisket on the Lonestar is also locally purchased from Meat Boss which is such a brilliant small business collaboration. Our top two favorite butters at Reney's are Toffee Butter and Garlic need at least one savory and one sweet if you decide to  snag a few. There are so many different butters to choose from in addition to the holiday and seasonal butters which are also a MUST. Aside from the butters, they offer a breakfast and lunch menu that continues to expand regularly. Their menu also includes a build your own option for the paninis and potatoes, and there are kids menu options as well. The freezer and food boutique are always stocked with fresh butter and new product. The one thing that I personally had never tried from the menu was the dessert menu. UMMMM...ok, friends! This is a hidden secret or maybe I have just never paid close enough attention, but WHOA! Carmen and I decided to try the Toffee Butter Cake and the Salted Caramel Brownie with ice cream. They were BOTH amazing, but let me tell you...that Toffee Butter Cake is FINE! You will thank me later. My next "research project" is going to be the cinnamon rolls. Menu and pics attached for your viewing pleasure.

Bonus feature: Reney's has a food truck that has a new location every Tuesday, and they offer catering options for schools, businesses, and parties. Make sure to keep up with their social media platforms for details.



3. The atmosphere. The Cottage. The company.

Reney's is conveniently located in West Mobile at the corner of Cottage Hill Rd and McFarland Rd (building sign says The Cottage). Address and business hours are at the very bottom of the blog. The building itself is so quaint and adorable. The small intimate setting makes it a great spot for friends to meet up for breakfast for a quick catch up session or for colleagues to frequent for lunch. There is a small seating area on one side and a LONG table on the other for dining. I love the concept of the one long table which actually encourages strangers to become acquaintances. Almost every time I visit, I meet someone new or have conversations with people I may not have met otherwise. The fact is that Reney's is a gathering place and a place of community whether you are just dropping by for a call in order or if you are there for dine in for breakfast or lunch. 

Bonus feature: Monthly events. Make sure to keep up with their main FB page for food truck sightings and special events each month. Santa is coming to Reney's. Find more info at

Friends, I encourage you to support and shop local this season. There are so many small businesses in need of your support. Honestly, they are worth your time to visit. I am always surprised to hear of people who have not heard of well established businesses in our community. Our Love Where You Live Blog is intended not only to showcase our local businesses, but also to raise awareness for people who may not even know they exist. 

Address: 9211 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL 36695

Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Food Truck Day, Wednesday-Friday 7am-2pm, Saturday 8am-2pm

If you have ever eaten at Reney's, drop some of your favorites in the comments. We would love more of YOUR suggestions too!  

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